30 December 2010

howski hat

So I made yet another hat, but this one's got earflaps and plaits and a pom pom and a different pattern!

Created using the Jayne Cobb Hat pattern by Allison MacAlister.

25 December 2010

golden slumbers

Went a bit crazy on the Urban Outfitters sale. Well not reaaaally compared to how I could have done. And it was only 'cause this lovely dress from Topshop that I really wanted (well I didn't at first but then when I realised I couldn't get it I wanted it more, don't you hate when that happens?) was only left in a size 16 so I think it's fair enough really. Also I'm still in the mindset of "ohhhh my jewellery got stolen so I need more yuh?".

Anyway, these babies will be arriving soon. Hopefully. Just thought I'd let you know.

selection box

A few of my favourite Christmas presents.
Merry Christmas everyone! X

23 December 2010

As you may notice, I've got a creepy Facebook link to the right there to 'Domineedle Knitwear'. YES I have a Facebook businessy page. I had to make one for my course okay. If you want to be lovely and 'like' it that would be awesome.

I've also recently got a Tumblr, link to the left, if you're interested.

Jeez I'm everywhere sorry.

19 December 2010

tis the season to be jolly

Wow, been a hectic couple of days! Had about a million deadlines, Christmas shopping, car re-starting, and most important of all, a trip to London for some interviews for possible work placements!

Amazingly, I've been offered placements at both Cooperative Designs and Erdem! So so excited! 2011/12 will be awesommmeee.

Finally home in Durham now, gonna spend the holidays majorly chilling, possibly punctuated by revision and the last part of my Digital Design project, haa.

Images from cooperative-designs.com & www.erdem.co.uk.

12 December 2010


Hey here's my final jumper, finally, ha.

So exhausted, need to chill desperately.

07 December 2010

i heard a rumour, what have you done to her?

As my work is almost finally nearly over, I thought I'd attempt a non-work related post, as that seems to be all I've been doing for about the past 3 months.

Went shopping when my lovely friend Sam came up the other day, got these beauts from Blue Rinse in Leeds.
Paisley and interesting and this what-seems-like-a-normal-cardigan but it's actually really nice.
Somehow my hair has gone really blonde, even though the last time I had it dyed was like August. Maybe it's 'cause I'm happy.

Off to hand in Yohji. The end of an era.

06 December 2010

03 December 2010

knit me baby one more time

So, I've started making my jumper, thought I'd keep you updated a bit.
Here are my initial designs:
I tried to keep the silhouette quite simple, with more detail, as we only have about 2 weeks to finish!

Here are my samples for some of them:

I've decided to make the first one on the first page; a long sleeve, round neck jumper with ladder and eyelet detailing.

This is another sample in the yarn I'm going to use.
I started on Wednesday, and so far (somehow) I've managed to finish the back, sleeves, neckline trim and half the front! Hoping to be finished by next Wednesday so I can wash and steam it and everything and hand it in on Friday.

Busy busy busyyyyyyyy X.