30 September 2010

Wow. Absolute grain-fest. I still haven't got my insurance money yet so no camera still. Went out for the first time in a week last night. Hifi motown night, yaaay. I think it might be one of my favourite types of music. Croonin'.

I was channeling a very "Sandy from Grease" vibe last night, as you can see. Dressed it down a bit with Howard's dad's shirt. Which I have decided I am keeping forever now. Ignoring texts gets you nowhere.

It was eventful, to say the least. Which is all I am going to say.

24 September 2010

Bit of a wishlist from H&M online's jewellery section.

Hopefully I'll be getting my insurance money soon and I can start to re-build my jewellery collection. I currently only have my nose ring, 3 plain gold stud and 1 pearl earrings I wear all the time, a multi-chain tarnished Topshop necklace, my gold Casio and 2 vintage rings.

On the plus side, for these 10 items from H&M, it's only £43.90! Amazing. Although I'm sure when I tried to order some pajamas off there the other week it said the delivery was expected to be the middle of October. Umm..

23 September 2010

I'm not quite understanding the whole fashion bloggers getting invites to fashion week as press phenomenon. Surely being invited to shows as "the press" means you "report" on them in your blog? I'm mostly seeing personal snaps at parties, or a tally of how many times they've been photographed by street style bloggers. I want to know what's happening, when it's happening, godammit. At the very least on Twitter via smartphone. How hard can it be?

It's like when radio presenters talk about what's happening in the studio or their personal lives on air. No one cares and it's getting boring. That is all.

how do you say "snood"?

Is it snud like hood or snood like rude?

Anyway, I made one, using Smallest Friend's "Acorn Head" pattern. I used smaller needles though, cause I don't have any that big and was originally going to make it for the "wear black and a made hat" party, so I didn't have time to go buy any.

Basically followed the pattern to a T, except as I used 8mm needles instead of 12mm,  I cast on 100 stitches for the scarfy part, and left 20 stitches cast on for the hoody part.

If anyone cares I used 4 balls of "Big Softie" wool in the "Cherry Pie" colour from Bobby Davison's.

Finally, sorry about the general scrattyness of this post, in both grainy Photo Booth and my paste-o face. X.

21 September 2010

Well. This has been an eventful 2 days.

Sorry about the Photo Booth factor, some drug addict scum (or the like) stole my camera. I quite like it though (the Photo Booth factor), so it may continue.

Here you can see an AA fest (nothing new there), my bike (!) and a part of my clothes rail. Having an antique-y wardrobe is cool and all but no good for storage. Basically, I'm in Leeds. I'm half anxious, half loving it.

18 September 2010

knitted 4-way plait

Totally taking orders as we speak. Pahah.

14 September 2010

Hoy goysss, went out in Newcastle last night for the first time in about a year. WAS GOOD.

Sorry about my face it's so smarmy.

I'm an AA fest, as per. Who even cares. Although I did meet someone last night who had NEVER HEARD OF THEM. As. If. Oh yeah and that's a new acid wash tee I got from the sale.

Hilariously, in these photos I have pyjama shorts on under my disco pants, cause I forgot to take them off and didn't realise I was wearing them until we went to the toilets in Gotham Town.

Also, too much jewellery? I think not.

12 September 2010


Because we're living pretty far (only like, 25 mins walk but whatever) from uni this year I'm taking my bike. I've got these awesome HUGE blue pannier bags to put on so I can fit all sorts of A3 files and chunky knits (haha) in. Anyway, today I thought I'd better take it for a spin, cause I haven't ridden a bike since I was about 13, and I didn't want the first time to be on the perilous roads of Leeds.

My bike-riding attire. Hey, I might crash and severly hurt myself but at least I'll look pretty.

It was quite nice actually. On the way down anyway.. it's pretty uphill on the way back. Had to stop and rest, HAHA. Basically, I'm unfit as a fiddle, but hopefully all this biking I'm gonna be doing will sort me out. And I feel I've made the most of, or a bit of, the sunny day so now I'm free to play all the Pokemon and Lego Harry Potter I want, yaaay.

07 September 2010

I'm up really early and can't sleep.

As We Enter - Nas & Damian Marley

This song doesn't reflect my mood right now or anything, but it's a current crave. It reminds me of Manchester, not sure why.

Deceptacon - Le Tigre

I was going to say I don't really feel like this song either but listening to it is cheering me up. Reminds me of the three 4 lyf. And Sam wrecked dancing in my car, hahaa. This whole album is a babe.

Boys Wanna Be Her - Peaches

All of Peaches is amazing, I downloaded the discography or something a while ago and it's all I can listen to. After watching the Maison Martin Margiela 20th anniversary catwalk with her as a soundtrack it's now making me have fantasies about having my own shows and using her for a soundtrack, hahaa.

It's horrible weather, don't wanna do anything.

06 September 2010

Just purchased this "Vintage 80s Tan Leather Sheepskin Flying Aviator Jacket" off eBay.

Oh baby. I know I'm totally jumping on the trendwagon but 1. It's lushez, 2. If there's going to be a repeat of last winter, I'm gonna need this bad boy, and 3. It's one of those trends where the trend just brings a certain item of clothing to light, and after that it's one of those things that can be worn again and again, regardless of whether it's "on trend" or not. Well that's what I'm going to to anyway.

come wine with me

Yeah so, last night me, Meg and Jess did Come Dine With Me. In all vintage finds, bar the accessories, thought I'd go housewife, or as Jess dubbed it "Little House on the Prairie". Ha. Sorry I look so sad. It's probably cause I resorted to that classic "look how full my skirt is" pose. Hahaha.

It was mainly an excuse to drink a variety of vinos and chat. Jess brought round these amazing platforms that I lent her in like year 11 which I got from a car boot sale. You can't walk in them at all.

We then went out, Fabios as per. Overall a mint night. Part of the lead up to the separation of the three, final showdown: Thursday :(.

04 September 2010

Got a couple o maxi items from New Look the other day, unfortunately I bought online, so I didn't realise the dire-ness of one of them, an open back black maxi dress. I looked like a chavvy Morticia Addams. Reeee-turn. Along with a skirt I bought cause I forgot my uniform for work which I wore. HA, take that system.

Anyway, the maxi skirt I got turned out to be a babe, wore it to town then consequently out last night after work along with my customised Gaga tee and this faker denim shirt from Topshop I always forget I have.

Worryingly not many other jackety things seem to go with it. Which is why I'm watching some shearling aviators on ebay. But I need one anyway. 

Last night was another classic hilair with my fave-os Jess and Meg. We're doing Come Dine With Me tomorrow ;).

03 September 2010

"Oversized tree motif cardigan with set-in sleeves and ribbed polo collar by DKNY".

Oh baby. I NEED to make this cardigan. Am I "experienced" enough? Eek.
I also really want her sunglasses.

From Vogue Knitting; the ultimate knitting book.

02 September 2010

you know, motion pictures, the talkies

I've watched so many films the past couple of days. My life is so fulfilling right now. Anyone want to hazard a guess at what they are? You'll totally win my admiration and respect.