19 August 2011

Another guy from Forever 21, haha.

Just killing time before I go catch my train to Leeds to see besty pal Lowri for her birthday. So excited to be back up north. Hopefully this holey outfit won't be too colddddd.

Love that I can actually use my ridiculous gold-coloured American Apparel rucksack ahaha. Adventurin'.

Also got this cutie deer necklace from my baby Lottie.
Went on a bit of a spree at le weekend. Forever 21 was calling. Got this crazy awesome shirt for not very much money and it looks different shades of red/orange throughout the day and in different lights. Pretty rad ey?

04 August 2011

more of the same

Ee I'm so boring.

Nah but literally anyone in London right now will understand it's literally too hot to wear anything more than this. I was even hot in my denim jacket for jeez sake. This also unfortunately (or is it?) means I always seem to be wearing at least 2 things from American Apparel. They're obviously well equipped for too-hot weather.

Been tres busy at Cooperative doing cool crazy secretive things for their upcoming Spring/Summer 2012 collection, which I can't tell you about now but I will after the show! All I'll say is it's uber-suhweet.

Stevie the mouse has disappeared oh man.

Got a lotta peeps coming down to visit me/go to Field Day this weekend, which is gonna be awesomeee, and also totally busy and stuff so no doubt I will be awol again for a while. I'm so unreliable. I'm really not in real life though.