19 August 2011

Another guy from Forever 21, haha.

Just killing time before I go catch my train to Leeds to see besty pal Lowri for her birthday. So excited to be back up north. Hopefully this holey outfit won't be too colddddd.

Love that I can actually use my ridiculous gold-coloured American Apparel rucksack ahaha. Adventurin'.

Also got this cutie deer necklace from my baby Lottie.
Went on a bit of a spree at le weekend. Forever 21 was calling. Got this crazy awesome shirt for not very much money and it looks different shades of red/orange throughout the day and in different lights. Pretty rad ey?

04 August 2011

more of the same

Ee I'm so boring.

Nah but literally anyone in London right now will understand it's literally too hot to wear anything more than this. I was even hot in my denim jacket for jeez sake. This also unfortunately (or is it?) means I always seem to be wearing at least 2 things from American Apparel. They're obviously well equipped for too-hot weather.

Been tres busy at Cooperative doing cool crazy secretive things for their upcoming Spring/Summer 2012 collection, which I can't tell you about now but I will after the show! All I'll say is it's uber-suhweet.

Stevie the mouse has disappeared oh man.

Got a lotta peeps coming down to visit me/go to Field Day this weekend, which is gonna be awesomeee, and also totally busy and stuff so no doubt I will be awol again for a while. I'm so unreliable. I'm really not in real life though.


25 July 2011

of mice and men

Ee hiya. Yeah so, we have a mouse visitor. We decided to call him Stevie Wonder for some reason one night in the pub. Which is where I seem to be spending all my life when I'm not at work these days. Oh well.

But yeah, yesterday we was scurryin' around and he went under my bed we think so we barricaded him in with pillows and I bought a non-lethal mousetrap off eBay so we can return him to his natural habitat.

I got really worried he would starve to death though so I put a weetabix and some water under there for him.

My awesome buddy Nicola gave me this American Apparel skirt 'cause she never wears it and I was in the shop about to buy one aww fanx pal.
Stolen ex-bf tee.
 I'm sorry but I'm fully embracing socks with sandals. Especially with these Topshop guys. They wreck my feet. I guess what else do you expect from there though. Other than falling apart.
Got a bit creative with the nails, with Barry M gold and then blue crackle over the top.


22 July 2011

This is my I-had-too-much-wine-and-no-food-last-night look. 

It actually made the day bearable even though I thought I'd be a tired achy mess. Cosy.

My boots look gross there, they're actually just pretty nice Chelsea boots, mad even cooler by the fact that I got them off eBay as "jodhpur boots" which made them way cheaper.

Past couple of days has been a blur of black, grey and neon yarns with a lot of meeting friends for post-work drinks thrown in.

Apparently I'm "burning the candle at both ends.

Oh hey.

19 July 2011

Can't even be bothered to explain my life inbetween now and last time, but the crack is, I'm living in London and doing a year in industry out from my Fashion Design course.

Currently on a work placement at the awesome Cooperative Designs.

I've been there just over two weeks, I'm having so much fun and learning a lotttt.

Right now we're finishing off production stuff for their Autumn/Winter 2011 collection, some of which is factory manufactured, some of which we have to make in the studio. This is getting sent to be sold in a variety of stores including Urban Outfitters, ASOS and Young British Designers.

Stuff I've been working on/made up include:

 This mohair hoodie and balloon skirt,
 this mohair and lambswool layered maxi skirt,
and these knitted camo pants.

I promise to keep you updated!

nothing special

Pretty standard clothing choice really.

Rocking socks with sandals, fuck what they say.

Music I like at the minute:

Ticket Man - The Kills

Heartbreak Hotel - Elvis Presley

Over You - Cat's Eyes

15 July 2011


Hey so wow, haven't been on here in a while. Lotta stuff been going on, I'll probably fill you in later.
Got an email from Joe Browns inviting me to a fashion event in Leeds because of my blog, and it made me realise I should probably make more of an effort, especially as I actually have stuff to blog about now living in London and interning at some awesome fashion placements.. more on that later.

Quick shnapps before I head to work:

Soz about the quality.

Most of this stuff is presents; shirt from Lucy, necklace from Nicola and hand-tie dyed socks from Howski.

It was my birthday people don't just give me stuff.

I look like a total hipster and I don't even care.

09 May 2011

my boyfriend made a music video

For a track by Tokny, check it out!

Valley Of The Wind. from Howard Melnyczuk on Vimeo.

Oh yeah and I'm in it. Oh yeah and I dyed my hair blue at the ends.

29 April 2011

angry face girl

A few conveniently timed photos from the past few days when I've been wearing cool things.
Another charity shop shirt from Salvation Army:
 Best new blazer, and a very ruffled shirt, both from shops in Knaresborough:
 A close up of the shirt, and my distressed face. It was sunning in my eyes, I dunno.
Finished my typography essay, yay! Now all that's left of second year is one exam. Keraaaazzy.

26 April 2011

old things

HAAHAAAA I look like such a fool sorry. Here's another charity shop classic shirt, Salvation Army WHAT a babe seriously I went in there and found like a million things in 5 minutes.
I also got these chelseyesque boots off eBay, which I actually bought from an equestrian store. Apparently they're jodhpur boots. I can't stop wearing them.

Oh yeah and I generously acquired those sunglasses from my good friend Jess. I often look like a blind man but it's all good.

Had a really good couple of weekends, with friends visiting me and making Durham funsies, and then training down to Cheshire to visit Proward in his homeland. I visited the aquarium and overcame my fears! It was awesome.

12 April 2011

i'm so cool i made some shorts out of some trousers

Got these bad boys from a charity shop in Harrogate (btw don't go there just for charity shops - they aren't that good, Knaresborough is better/MINT, more on that later).
Although they are pretty cool just as trousers I doubted that I'd ever dare wear them, I look too much like Andy Pandy with them on.
So I made 'em into shorts, yay!
Having a major revival of my sewing skills. I realised I actually quite miss doing it, so I have grand plans to make a dress; already have the pattern bidded on on eBay and the fabric scoped out in the market!

05 April 2011

oh wow remember when i used to update this all the time?

Yeah sorry about that, just don't really have much time to live let alone blog!
I finished my jumper for my knitwear moduleeee, here he is:

Made on a 2.5 gauge Dubied machine, using roll stitch and stuffed circular plain techniques.
More info on my Ravelry!

28 February 2011

a selection of dubied samples

Here are some samples from the Dubied machines which I've been working on this semester.
7 gauge machine:

2.5 gauge machine: