23 January 2011

five hats i made over christmas

scottish widow

As promised, my other finds from the Salvation Army.
1. Midi kilt/skirt thing.

2. Maxxxxxxi trench coat/mac thing.

Do I look like a flasher and/or old person? Hope so.

22 January 2011

new jacket

Salvation Army for life.

This lovely guy from the Durham branch, but also got some absolute gems from the one in Peterlee too. No doubt they will make an appearance soon.

Back in Durham for the night, trying to scrounge euros/plug adapters/travel toiletries for Florence! I mean I totally thought I was going on Wednesday and not Tuesday next week. Gaaaaah.

20 January 2011

not tonight but sometime soon

Okay, sorry I've been absent a while, non-stop revision and then hardly ever staying at my own house doesn't make for good blogging.

I've had this bralet from Urban Outfitters for a while now and don't really wear it as underwear 'cause its a bit longer than usual and is kind of annoying, HOWEVER, is it acceptable as a top?

I know I'm like a year late on the underwear as outerwear trend, but who's following trends these days anyway?

Feel tonight is a tad nippy (aaaha), but I like the skater-dress look for another time yis?

12 January 2011

sorry about my face

Yeah so, helped a friend out modelling for a photoshoot she was doing for a project in Hyde Park. At the skate park. On a lovely sunny but freezing day. Here are a few of the photos I can stand to look at (I hate my face).

Oh yeah and check out my new jumper and shirt! Got them on my last day in Durham from classic Salvation Army, awesomes.
Gah why I am I moody ALL the time? Sorry. Anyway, definitely realised that a model career is not for me, hahaaaa. Back to reality and... revision!

If you want to see more of Mel's work go look at her Flickr!

09 January 2011

spring picks

A few favourites from the Spring/Summer 2011 collections.
Top L-R: Jil Sander, Rodarte, Peter Pilotto, Thakoon.
Bottom L-R: Céline, Proenza Schouler, Dolce & Gabbana, Marios Schwab.

All images from style.com.

03 January 2011

but you're like really silly

Yeah so, thought I'd be really productive today and go to town and put some money in the bank, go to the market to get some wool and my phone fixed, maybe hit the charity shops, all the while with the knowledge that it's a BANK holiday. Yet still I didn't realise the ramifications of this until I was actually moodily stomping though town. Oh.

However, this lead me to an impromptu trip into Topshop, then, remembering how shit it actually is, Topman. Now, as a general rule I hate Topman, for boys though. For me it's okay, haha.
Sorry about my face.

It's amazing how any t-shirt can look good with high-waisted things.

So uh these are all keepers yuh?