27 November 2010

illustrator ilustrations

All I've done all day is work on my fashion illustrations for my Yohji Yamamoto collection. Literally thought of the outfits, drew them on paper, scanned them in, traced them into Illustrator, added knit details, added hair and features then finally added the title and stuff about 10 mins ago. I've been doing this since 12pm.

Just thought I'd put them up, cause I quite like them being monotone, but I have to add colour, boo.

I hate adding colour.

All images © Dominique Johnson.

24 November 2010

heeeeeyyyy my sweater!

Hey you guys this is my first machine-knitted garment that I've made ever!

It is a très basic v-neck jumper with set in sleeves and plain hems and trims.

Currently beginning the construction of one I have designed myself and all that, I'll update you soon enough.

22 November 2010

yet more samples

Laddering and eyelet samples.
Oh dear, it's all getting a bit much right now. Mondays are never good. Especially with failed CV writing and Illustrator 'tutorials'.

Did more samples today for my own garment though! I'll put them up when I've done them all. 'Citing.

fair isle

Machine knit Fair Isle samples. Simples.

19 November 2010

This looks so much better in real life.

vince cable

Hi sorry I've been skiving again. I've been designing and watching Mad Men like nobody's business.
Here's what I did today.

Cabling is so awesome. I would have put knit samples up earlier but they haven't been that interesting up until now. Well, I think they're interesting but no one else would. But yeah, have done some machine Fair Isle and eyelet/ladder samples that I'll show you soon too.

12 November 2010


Sorry I've been absent for a while. Drama occurred.

I wish I was this carefree.

(via SRC783)

04 November 2010


Finally finished the group work for our Yohji Yamamoto design project.

Here are the customer board, mood board and fabric board; the outcomes from our EXTENSIVE research, hahaa.

All work © copyright Dominique Johnson, Hannah Jempson and Chloë Mckernan.  
Sorry for being so outfitty, it's only cause I've got new stuff. Probably the only new stuff I'm going to have for a while unless I win the lottery.

Another man's shirt, from H&M.

Having a Johnny Cash love-in at the moment. Although I just keep imagining Joaquin Phoenix.

Starting to design now, eek. It always makes me nervous until I get into the swing of it. I totally can't draw. Oh man.

03 November 2010


About to go to Las Iguanas then Fav for Lu's (belated) birthdayy.

Could not resist this tee from Zara. Doing garment tech research really isn't great for my wallet, hahaa.
It's actually a man's one. Men's tees are so much better these days. Hate fitted maaan.

Is she schizophrenic?

01 November 2010


When I was just about to set off for Edinburgh. Bloody hell.