29 April 2011

angry face girl

A few conveniently timed photos from the past few days when I've been wearing cool things.
Another charity shop shirt from Salvation Army:
 Best new blazer, and a very ruffled shirt, both from shops in Knaresborough:
 A close up of the shirt, and my distressed face. It was sunning in my eyes, I dunno.
Finished my typography essay, yay! Now all that's left of second year is one exam. Keraaaazzy.

26 April 2011

old things

HAAHAAAA I look like such a fool sorry. Here's another charity shop classic shirt, Salvation Army WHAT a babe seriously I went in there and found like a million things in 5 minutes.
I also got these chelseyesque boots off eBay, which I actually bought from an equestrian store. Apparently they're jodhpur boots. I can't stop wearing them.

Oh yeah and I generously acquired those sunglasses from my good friend Jess. I often look like a blind man but it's all good.

Had a really good couple of weekends, with friends visiting me and making Durham funsies, and then training down to Cheshire to visit Proward in his homeland. I visited the aquarium and overcame my fears! It was awesome.

12 April 2011

i'm so cool i made some shorts out of some trousers

Got these bad boys from a charity shop in Harrogate (btw don't go there just for charity shops - they aren't that good, Knaresborough is better/MINT, more on that later).
Although they are pretty cool just as trousers I doubted that I'd ever dare wear them, I look too much like Andy Pandy with them on.
So I made 'em into shorts, yay!
Having a major revival of my sewing skills. I realised I actually quite miss doing it, so I have grand plans to make a dress; already have the pattern bidded on on eBay and the fabric scoped out in the market!

05 April 2011

oh wow remember when i used to update this all the time?

Yeah sorry about that, just don't really have much time to live let alone blog!
I finished my jumper for my knitwear moduleeee, here he is:

Made on a 2.5 gauge Dubied machine, using roll stitch and stuffed circular plain techniques.
More info on my Ravelry!