31 October 2010

bonnie wee edi

Went to Edinburgh at the weekend for a reunion of the three!

It was so so so so good. I kind of wanna live there. I now love the Scottish accent.

It's such a cliche though, but in a good way. Like as soon as I got off the bus there was pre-recorded bagpipes playing, and all the buses had tartan seats, and the shops had names like "Thistle Do Nicely". Awwww man.

Now back to reality; a Tuesday deadline and a murky grey Leeds means no halloween fun for me tonight :(.

27 October 2010


After a sneaky trip to Harvey Nichols today to get photos of knitted sleeves, I realised my love for Sass & Bide. How did I not know before? They have everything I need. Gold? Check. Stripes? Check. RUFFLES?! Check.

I have recently realised my love for ruffles too. And scalloped edges ;).

Bring on spring/summer.

Sass & Bide S/S 11.

24 October 2010

an otley run isn't some sort of fun run you know

Did a film characters Otley Run for Howie's birthday the other night, it was amazing.

Hey lets play a game and see if you can guess who everyone was.

I'll give you one, I was the cowardly lion from the Wizard of Oz. I really miss my lion face, my normal face is so laaame. I'm also most probably going to start wearing my hair up in this ribbon quite often, my fringe is in a crappy growing-out stage. Although I kind of need my mane to cover my ears, it's getting very cold.

22 October 2010


So, I made a Totoro hat:

It's for a birthday present. I am such a good friend. Ha.

Made it using Hello Yarn's Top Down Bonnet pattern. I changed it a bit for the ears, if you want the deets check out my Ravelry.

21 October 2010

london x2

Yaaay, London trip! Again it was pretty educational.

Me knitting on the train. Standard.

So, we went to the "Future Beauty: 30 Years of Japanese Fashion" exhibition at the Barbican. It was one of the best exhibitions I've ever been to - definitely worth the money. There were two floors full of outfits from a large range of Japanese designers, it was amazing to see.

Here are some of the (illegal) photos I took. That's why some are a bit blurry, sorryyy.

As you can see there are a lot of Yohji pictures, the purpose of our trip haha.

We also went to the Yohji Yamamoto shop. It's the second time I've been; it seemed much more friendly this time, I think cause there were generally more customers in.

I even managed to try something on! I would put the pictures on but they are so laaame, I was all nervous and taking them quickly even though I was in a changing room -_-.

Found out a lot of interesting stuff though, currently working on the research page now. I need to get all my work out of the way in preparation for the Otley Run tomorrow, yaaay.

19 October 2010

Went to London yesterday, to go to the Future Beauty Japanese designers exhibition at the Barbican, and also to visit Yohji Yamamoto's store. More on that later, I'm in a rush to get to uni and knit. Speaking of knitting, today I'm wearing a (pretty much) all knitted outfit!

Got this extra long (you can't tell here) stripy jumper and knitted trousers from H&M yesterday. H&M is weird, I either go in and find absolutely nothing, or some absolute gems.

These trousers are the greatest. They are like a knitted version of the current peg-leg trend. And they have this awesome silken panel. THEY ARE SO COOL.

Jumper's pretty awesome too, I'm gonna wear it as a dress with extra-thick tights and boots for the coming wintery months.

This monochromatic palette is also pretty relevant, as Dom's house's chickens got killed by something last night and I'm very sad, so brights can be saved for another day. X

14 October 2010

devil got my woman

I wasn't even going to go out tonight, but decided on a lil excursion to the Shed. Only been once before, probably around this time last year actually. Weird. Has cheap cocktails apparently though. I'm probably a bit overdressed, but I was inspired by the vintagey bluesy music I was listening to whilst getting ready. And I've never actually worn this shirt (typical amazing guy from Salvation Army) as a top, so. 

Also, here's that necklace I got on the Urban Outfitters 20% off night. I loves it, gold, chunky, weighs me down, perfect!

Sorry but I like being grainy alright.

10 October 2010

long time no post

Hey there. Jeez it's been ages, shaarrry. Here's a bit of an update on what I've been doing, and also 'cause I'm probably going to have to use this as a form of "online promotion" for one of my modules anyway, it's a little bit of that too.

First, for design development, we have to begin by researching the brand/customer of a certain designer. We got Yohji Yamamoto. Here are a few of the pages I've personally done so far..

Next, in garment techy, apart from learning how to use knitting machines, and (from monday) starting to make our own garment(!), we've had to do research boards every week. Well it's only been a week so I've only done one but hey,

Currently attempting to research "body shapes/blocks in knitwear". I have to go to town tomorrow and do a bit of primary though.

Went home for the weekend, it was nice. It was really really misty. I've decided mist is my favourite weather. But yeah, did a bit of chilling, a bit of shopping, bit of eating. You know. Also got this amazeee ring from Ding Dong Vintage, slowly starting to build up my jewellery collection.

Also went to the 20%-off student "lock-in" at Urban Outfitters last week, got a couple o goodies, which I will no doubt show you another time.

Anyway, better go work now, so I can hopefullys go see Jakwob on Tuesdayyyy. ♥ Barry.

p.s. all work copyright Dominique Johnson ©.