31 August 2010


Went out for "a drink" last night with Jess, Meg, Scrott and Sam. One drink obviously turned into about ten, and we livened up Durham with renditions of "You Give Me Fever". Hahaaa.

Hair was the greasiest thing ever, so I wore a topknot for a night out for the very first time. My hair needs to be longer, really. LOVE this Primark blazer, I always forget about it. Sorry about my face.

Also finished watching Coco Avant Chanel this morning, it's such a great film, so inspiring, and amazing to get a look at what her life was like and how she ended up becoming one of the most famous fashion designers ever. Gotta love a bit of Tautou, too.


  1. if you say so. i think it might look alright in real life, on pictures i look a bit of an alien X