21 August 2010

tequila, tequila!

Well, the not-going-to-the-house plan wasn't much of a success, but Leeds was awesomeee, as per. Went out with Harriet, Mike, Charlotte and Tom to the Call Lane bars. Expensive, but cool. Haha.

Me and Harriet in Jake's bar. Chillin' in my disco pants. Oh yes, a trip to AA was taken, hahaha.

Went for a classic hangover Popina's the day after, was lovely.

Went to watch/transport Dom and Dave at the Dun Cow in Seaham last night. They are just awesome. However, I, as band roadie, was obviously the kingpin of the whole operation. Ha.

Currently chilling, unsure whether to go out tonight or not. I'm tempted to stay in and play Lego Harry Potter on the Wii.

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