24 September 2010

Bit of a wishlist from H&M online's jewellery section.

Hopefully I'll be getting my insurance money soon and I can start to re-build my jewellery collection. I currently only have my nose ring, 3 plain gold stud and 1 pearl earrings I wear all the time, a multi-chain tarnished Topshop necklace, my gold Casio and 2 vintage rings.

On the plus side, for these 10 items from H&M, it's only £43.90! Amazing. Although I'm sure when I tried to order some pajamas off there the other week it said the delivery was expected to be the middle of October. Umm..


  1. Just followed on bloglovin' love the site!
    I defo have the owl necklace on my H&M wishlist!
    Great selection (Y)


  2. Ah thanks! I know their jewellery is amaaazing x

  3. great selection, I really love all of rings!

    following you!

    take a look at my blog, and follow me if you like it ;)