04 September 2010

Got a couple o maxi items from New Look the other day, unfortunately I bought online, so I didn't realise the dire-ness of one of them, an open back black maxi dress. I looked like a chavvy Morticia Addams. Reeee-turn. Along with a skirt I bought cause I forgot my uniform for work which I wore. HA, take that system.

Anyway, the maxi skirt I got turned out to be a babe, wore it to town then consequently out last night after work along with my customised Gaga tee and this faker denim shirt from Topshop I always forget I have.

Worryingly not many other jackety things seem to go with it. Which is why I'm watching some shearling aviators on ebay. But I need one anyway. 

Last night was another classic hilair with my fave-os Jess and Meg. We're doing Come Dine With Me tomorrow ;).


  1. this is mint, you looked mint last night, love fraaynces xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. aw fanx babay, hope your well it was mint to cya XXXX

  3. ps. i love your little profile pic thing on here