23 September 2010

how do you say "snood"?

Is it snud like hood or snood like rude?

Anyway, I made one, using Smallest Friend's "Acorn Head" pattern. I used smaller needles though, cause I don't have any that big and was originally going to make it for the "wear black and a made hat" party, so I didn't have time to go buy any.

Basically followed the pattern to a T, except as I used 8mm needles instead of 12mm,  I cast on 100 stitches for the scarfy part, and left 20 stitches cast on for the hoody part.

If anyone cares I used 4 balls of "Big Softie" wool in the "Cherry Pie" colour from Bobby Davison's.

Finally, sorry about the general scrattyness of this post, in both grainy Photo Booth and my paste-o face. X.


  1. Well done ! You look like "le petit chaperon rouge" (sorry I don't know how to say it in english)

  2. haha little red riding hood? thank you!