14 September 2010

Hoy goysss, went out in Newcastle last night for the first time in about a year. WAS GOOD.

Sorry about my face it's so smarmy.

I'm an AA fest, as per. Who even cares. Although I did meet someone last night who had NEVER HEARD OF THEM. As. If. Oh yeah and that's a new acid wash tee I got from the sale.

Hilariously, in these photos I have pyjama shorts on under my disco pants, cause I forgot to take them off and didn't realise I was wearing them until we went to the toilets in Gotham Town.

Also, too much jewellery? I think not.


  1. hey! :) how has ur summer been?! i actually cant wait to go back to uni.. its gone so fast! are you going to the paris trip in feb? lovely blog btw xx

  2. heyyy, good yeah, how about you? i know same! yessss hopefully there'll be enough places left, i'm going to go hand my cheque in on like monday haha. hey yours too! you are a womenswear genius! xx