10 October 2010

long time no post

Hey there. Jeez it's been ages, shaarrry. Here's a bit of an update on what I've been doing, and also 'cause I'm probably going to have to use this as a form of "online promotion" for one of my modules anyway, it's a little bit of that too.

First, for design development, we have to begin by researching the brand/customer of a certain designer. We got Yohji Yamamoto. Here are a few of the pages I've personally done so far..

Next, in garment techy, apart from learning how to use knitting machines, and (from monday) starting to make our own garment(!), we've had to do research boards every week. Well it's only been a week so I've only done one but hey,

Currently attempting to research "body shapes/blocks in knitwear". I have to go to town tomorrow and do a bit of primary though.

Went home for the weekend, it was nice. It was really really misty. I've decided mist is my favourite weather. But yeah, did a bit of chilling, a bit of shopping, bit of eating. You know. Also got this amazeee ring from Ding Dong Vintage, slowly starting to build up my jewellery collection.

Also went to the 20%-off student "lock-in" at Urban Outfitters last week, got a couple o goodies, which I will no doubt show you another time.

Anyway, better go work now, so I can hopefullys go see Jakwob on Tuesdayyyy. ♥ Barry.

p.s. all work copyright Dominique Johnson ©.

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