03 January 2011

but you're like really silly

Yeah so, thought I'd be really productive today and go to town and put some money in the bank, go to the market to get some wool and my phone fixed, maybe hit the charity shops, all the while with the knowledge that it's a BANK holiday. Yet still I didn't realise the ramifications of this until I was actually moodily stomping though town. Oh.

However, this lead me to an impromptu trip into Topshop, then, remembering how shit it actually is, Topman. Now, as a general rule I hate Topman, for boys though. For me it's okay, haha.
Sorry about my face.

It's amazing how any t-shirt can look good with high-waisted things.

So uh these are all keepers yuh?

1 comment:

  1. Hah I totally agree! Never shop in Topshop but Topman for ladies is a different story.