20 January 2011

not tonight but sometime soon

Okay, sorry I've been absent a while, non-stop revision and then hardly ever staying at my own house doesn't make for good blogging.

I've had this bralet from Urban Outfitters for a while now and don't really wear it as underwear 'cause its a bit longer than usual and is kind of annoying, HOWEVER, is it acceptable as a top?

I know I'm like a year late on the underwear as outerwear trend, but who's following trends these days anyway?

Feel tonight is a tad nippy (aaaha), but I like the skater-dress look for another time yis?


  1. very cute and i love the cross necklace! spring is all about recycled trends anyway, everyone's going to be in florals uh-GAIN (including me) so i wouldn't worry x