28 February 2011


As promised, my finished boards from my current Slow Fashion project.
These have been brought together through extensive research, which although interesting, is tres boring to look at pictures of, so er yeah.
This is for my own brand, Sleek Designs (kind of 'slow' and 'eco' without sounding too obvious and offputting). Its a knitwear company which uses natural yarns and fabrics and dyes, and aims to promote slow, sustainable prices.

Customer Profile:
 Mood Board:
Fabric Board:
You can see some of my naturally dyed fabrics and yarns on here.
In the fabric row on the top right there is one dyed with mushroom then iron water, second down on the left there is one dyed with walnut, then the third left has been dyed with walnut then iron water, and the third right has been dyed with carrot tops then iron water.
In the yarn row the bottom left has been soaked in Allum (a mordant) then dyed with carrot tops, and the bottom right has been soaked in Allum and dyed with red cabbage. 

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