27 February 2011

so knitty

Yeah so, went to Fairfield Yarns on Friday to get the yarn for my garment!
It was a bit of a trek; we totally forgot that Friday is really trafficky, we ended up in Oldham at first instead of Heywood, then on the way home pretty much the whole motorway was a traffic jam. Oh well.

Sorry about the blur-factor I have to use my phone.

This is the yarn for my garment, which I'm gonna use the 2.5 gauge Dubied machine for, I'll put up samples and design development for it later. It's a silk-lambswool mix.
Also got this mohair for a pound!
This Shetland wool for a pound!
And some free samples of jute (top) and hemp (bottom).
The last three are for my design development and portfolio module, for the mood board for my slow/eco fashion brand. More to come on that later.

Currently at home dyeing things naturally for it too. AHAHA.

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