12 April 2011

i'm so cool i made some shorts out of some trousers

Got these bad boys from a charity shop in Harrogate (btw don't go there just for charity shops - they aren't that good, Knaresborough is better/MINT, more on that later).
Although they are pretty cool just as trousers I doubted that I'd ever dare wear them, I look too much like Andy Pandy with them on.
So I made 'em into shorts, yay!
Having a major revival of my sewing skills. I realised I actually quite miss doing it, so I have grand plans to make a dress; already have the pattern bidded on on eBay and the fabric scoped out in the market!


  1. these look amazing! haha andy pandy. i have some floral hareem pants.. i feel like im from another culture with them on. ill wear them in the house only. lol x

  2. absolutely amazing! i wish you could come into my closet and make cute stuff out of what i dont wear!! im a graphic design student at the fashion institute in NY but i really appreciate fashion design.. really awesome blog! =)

    xoxo - christina

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