04 August 2011

more of the same

Ee I'm so boring.

Nah but literally anyone in London right now will understand it's literally too hot to wear anything more than this. I was even hot in my denim jacket for jeez sake. This also unfortunately (or is it?) means I always seem to be wearing at least 2 things from American Apparel. They're obviously well equipped for too-hot weather.

Been tres busy at Cooperative doing cool crazy secretive things for their upcoming Spring/Summer 2012 collection, which I can't tell you about now but I will after the show! All I'll say is it's uber-suhweet.

Stevie the mouse has disappeared oh man.

Got a lotta peeps coming down to visit me/go to Field Day this weekend, which is gonna be awesomeee, and also totally busy and stuff so no doubt I will be awol again for a while. I'm so unreliable. I'm really not in real life though.


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  1. Nice outfit (:
    Give a look to my blog !