19 October 2010

Went to London yesterday, to go to the Future Beauty Japanese designers exhibition at the Barbican, and also to visit Yohji Yamamoto's store. More on that later, I'm in a rush to get to uni and knit. Speaking of knitting, today I'm wearing a (pretty much) all knitted outfit!

Got this extra long (you can't tell here) stripy jumper and knitted trousers from H&M yesterday. H&M is weird, I either go in and find absolutely nothing, or some absolute gems.

These trousers are the greatest. They are like a knitted version of the current peg-leg trend. And they have this awesome silken panel. THEY ARE SO COOL.

Jumper's pretty awesome too, I'm gonna wear it as a dress with extra-thick tights and boots for the coming wintery months.

This monochromatic palette is also pretty relevant, as Dom's house's chickens got killed by something last night and I'm very sad, so brights can be saved for another day. X

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